What Do You Think You’re Doing?

God never paves our path with temptation or free invitation to indulge our unrighteousness or insecurity or “youthful lusts.” In fact He warns us to “flee youthful lusts which war with the soul.” God does not lead a man and wife together by lust, or enticement of our flesh. He draws them together by His Spirit. His answer to prayer does not lead to temptation. Answers to your prayers which lead to temptation were not issued from the Kingdom of God but from the kingdom of darkness. To the contrary: Jesus told us to pray “Lead us NOT into temptation” It’s really not all that confusing. You must step off of the throne, away from the mic, and get out of that director’s chair. Don’t confuse your own or satan’s ideas for  those of Almighty God’s. It’s really not all that confusing. The problem is with your obedience, and who really is Lord in your life. You may give Jesus lip service as being “the Lord” but you are only deceiving yourself; not Him. He knows who is His Own and who is not; He knows of whom He is Lord and who is his own lord. He doesn’t alter Himself to suit you. Do you really want to do things your own way? Do you actually believe that because you came up with a brilliant answer to a perceived problem – that God gave you that idea, or that He approves of it? Not if it is born of any sort of fear, starry-eyed blindness, self preservation, unrighteousness, injustice, or temptation. Are you patting yourself on the back, thinking you’re some kind of self-sacrificing hero? Think again. Be honest, and stop lying to yourself. If it gives even more opportunity for the enemy to pull one of God’s children deeper into sin, or throws wide the gate to temptation – Jesus had nothing to do with it. You missed Him. But it is not too late. There is a way that seems right to a man; but its end is the way to death. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and He will lead you in paths of righteousness – if you will only give up, and give it to Him.

Sex outside of marriage is sin. God cannot bless it. It is not going to accomplish any good in your life. When you indulge in sin, it always, only, leads you away from God. Sexual sin is poison; it is satan’s trap. Satan hates you. The wise resist temptation; they don’t ignore God’s voice or embrace temptation and sin. God does not wink at sexual sin. He does not bless it. He does not redeem it. If Jesus died to free you from the consequences of sin, why do you think He doesn’t care now whether or not it has a hold on you? He does not use sexual sin to draw two people closer to each other. It might feel good for now, but it is only going to steal, and kill, and destroy your relationship if not repented of.  If you are drawn closer to someone because you have crossed lines and given over to the lust of the flesh, you are absolutely going in the direction your enemy wants you to take. That direction is 180 degrees from the path of blessing, joy, fulfillment, victory, prosperity, power, and all the things your Maker wants for you. Stand firm, and be a good soldier. Follow the Voice of your Lord. He will lead you in such a way as that can never compare to the path your enemy pressures you to take. If you are indeed saved, you will never have true peace and true joy until you turn from your sin and back to Him; He will always draw you to Himself and away from your sinful choices. Because He loves you. You might change your mind about following Him, but He will never stop leading.  When you chose to give yourself to Jesus, He promised to never let you go. You will find no real fulfillment when you’ve taken on a yoke of sin. If you think you can stagger under that yoke until you reach your desired destination and then remove it and be in a good place? You are woefully mistaken. It doesn’t work that way.   Put on your spiritual armor, Child of God; hear and obey your Savior.

God has not changed. Do not allow the enemy to deceive and entice and indulge you off of God’s path for you. NOTHING is worth it. You can’t see another way? GOD DOES and He longs to show it to you. If only you will stop where you are, and turn your heart toward His. He is not angry with you. He is not distant. He will not punish you- He punished Jesus and there is zero wrath against you who have given your lives to God through Jesus. He is a good, good, good Father and He is very eager to show you that if you only choose to turn back to Him. Taste and see that the Lord is good! You will be blessed when you take refuge in Him! What He will give you to replace what the enemy has offered you is incomparable! If this were not so, 1) God would be a liar 2) Everyone who has ever turned to Him and obeyed and trusted Him would be desperately miserable. They would be serving an evil overlord, bound to service by fear. That is not God the father of Christ Jesus- that is satan, the father of Muhammed! If God were not really really good, people who walked with Him would not praise Him. They would not sing songs of love to Him. There would be no free, heartfelt worship and praise of God – anywhere. The Psalms would never have been written. All the people whose example and lives we learn from in the Bible would have been grossly evil, wicked, and sadistic. No. The people who know peace, and who live in the security of being His child – they have all turned from their own ways, no matter the cost, and welcomed Jesus as Lord in that area.

God’s plan is MUCH BETTER than satan’s plan for you!

Brothers and sisters – in the Name and for the sake of Jesus – I plead with you to do what is right and leave behind that which ensnares you. I promise you, the reward will be greater than the cost. Repentance doesn’t mean “to stop sinful behavior” – it means that you acquire God’s perspective on a matter. That kind of repentance is the sweetest thing I have ever tasted. I urge you to come to the Living Water and taste the sweetness of God’s kind of repentance and the freedom and soul prosperity it brings.